chip3Repair vs. Replacement

Windshield repair is always preferred, and usually recommended if the repair area is not in the direct line of sight for the driver or if the damage is smaller than the size of a dollar bill. Repairing the windshield is less stressful on the environment and allows the factory seal to remain intact. Windshield repair is a preventative maintenance measure used to prevent the further spread of the affected area. Although the resin used in the procedure is clear, the affected area will not be completely invisible.

Will My Insurance Company Pay For The Repair?

Most insurance companies will not only cover the cost of a windshield repair, they usually waive your deductible as well. This practice saves both you and the insurance companies money in the long run.

Why Repair?

A small chip or crack that is ignored, can spread across the entire length of the windshield over a period of time if left unrepaired. Temperature changes in the windshield will cause it to expand and contract. When this happens, most small cracks progressively become larger until the crack becomes too big to repair and the windshield has to be replaced.

How We Repair

Arizona Glass Company uses a resin which is cured by Ultra-violet (UV) light and is injected into the crack. The repaired area is then illuminated by a UV light until the crack is cured. This resin is strong enough to restore the physical integrity of your windshield, and stop a crack from spreading.

Useful Information

In many cases a windshield repair can be done by our mobile service and usually in less than half an hour, making a rock chip repair not only practical but convenient. Also, the windshield does not need to be removed during repair and the repair is guaranteed.

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